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Spiritual Life


The mission of the University of Saint Katherine is to provide a balanced education in the liberal arts and sciences, founded and rooted in the life of the Orthodox Christian tradition – Inquiry Seeking Wisdom.

What exactly does this mean?

The University of Saint Katherine provides a balanced education for all our students, who acquire a broad foundation of knowledge and develop depth within a single concentration.

The University of Saint Katherine teaches the liberal arts and sciences. “Liber” is Latin for “free”; liberal learning thus refers to an education that trains students to analyze, think critically, and reflect upon ideas of great thinkers in ways that set them free from the biases and trivialities of the day.  The interdisciplinary course sequence and general education courses cover quantitative and scientific thinking as well as the arts and humanities. 

Founded in explicit reference to Orthodox Christianity and the only one of its kind in the United States, the University is named for an early saint who bravely challenged the paganism of her day with intelligence and rhetorical skill. The University seal incorporates fundamental Christian images with the wheel of Saint Katherine, the symbol of her courage and faith.

Rooted in Orthodox Christian tradition, the University of Saint Katherine embraces students from all faiths and backgrounds, inviting all to a deeper understanding of the ancient Christian faith, transmitted in Orthodoxy since the original Pentecost.

— The core curriculum includes (but is not limited to) the Bible and early Christianity, Byzantine history, and philosophy and literature from Orthodox sources.

— That all may grow in faith, students attend weekly chapel.  Chapel is conducted by Orthodox Christian clergy and scholars and incorporates prayers and homilies that focus on the elements of faith common to most Christian sects.  

— Orthodox Christian Fellowship and Fellowship of Christian Athletes organize activities on campus in which all are welcome to participate. Students are encouraged to attend regular services at a church of their choice and participate in the life of local church communities.

Inquiry Seeking Wisdom is the University’s motto.  Wisdom is God and wisdom is understanding what is good and true.   The faculty, staff, and students of the University of Saint Katherine are on a quest to know Wisdom and attain wisdom.  This ultimate purpose inspires them to pursue joyful lives of learning, faith, and action as family members, neighbors, employers and employees, citizens, children of God.


The chaplain of the University is the Very Reverend Father John Reimann of Saint Anthony the Great Antiochian Orthodox Church in San Diego.  He provides chapel services to all students and spiritual counseling upon request.  Other options for spiritual counseling are available through the Office of Student Affairs.


The University is an independent institution of higher education formed in the Orthodox Christian tradition. It is bound by the teachings and Canons of the Orthodox Church and maintains all of its rights to operate according to them. There are approximately 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide committed to the undivided Christian faith as revealed in Holy Scripture, the Nicene Creed, and the historic texts and Ecumenical Councils of the Christian Tradition. The University has received the blessings and encouragement of the western Orthodox Christian hierarchs who act as advisors. The President serves on the Theological Education Committee of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America. The University is named for the 4th century martyr Saint Katherine of Alexandria.



The University Seal represents the basic elements upon which the University stands. It is in the form of a circle with a Cross to represent that we are an inclusive Christian community. The Book represents the Gospel from which all of our beliefs are derived. The crown is for the Kingdom of God which exists here on earth and into eternity and for which we strive. The “chi-rho” symbol is that of ancient Christianity, often found in early churches, and representative of the ancient Orthodox Christian faith. The wheel with spikes represents the life and martyrdom of Saint Katherine and the idea that we are all witnesses (martyrs) of Christianity.


Dear Lord, Jesus Christ, we thank you for all that you provide.
Please bless the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Saint Katherine today.
Please give us all strength, patience, and the love we need to honor You, one another, and the mission of this Holy University.
We pray for this in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For Christ is our life. Amen.