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USK Attendance Policy

The USK attendance policy: Students are expected to attend every class for every course for which they are registered except for absences for athletic events for which they are excused. Excused absences, excluding those for athletic events, are only allowed for death in the family and emergency situations with documentation and professor and registrar approval.


  1. Students are responsible for contacting you if they are going to be absent. For the first absence, you do not need to grant “excused” absences, and should extend deadlines only selectively, for students are expected to keep up with assignments even if they cannot come to class–excused or unexcused absence alike.
  2. For a subsequent absence, the student will need to communicate with you and Prof. Helen Lee in the Dept. of Student Affairs and submit documentation.
  3. Only students whose assignments are listed in Student Affairs notices as “assignments excused” must be accommodated with extended deadlines.
  4. Remind students to contact if the reason for absence includes Covid symptoms.