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Master of Science (MS) in Kinesiology

The Master of Science degree in Kinesiology uniquely integrates exercise science principles with hands on laboratory experience preparing students to lead in the areas of human performance/rehabilitation, health, and disease treatment and prevention. Students will be exposed to up-to-date evidence-based research, relevant research methods, and a rigorous curriculum increasing the depth of their knowledge in the field of Kinesiology.



*Most students receive financial assistance/scholarships.

Students are eligible for Federal graduate student PLUS loans. Prospective students are encouraged to seek grants from their employers or other sources.



Weekly assignments, interactive discussions, and quizzes keep you on track. Each student is expected to have a computer and internet connection. Faculty members are there for you, whether to explain a concept, advise on a research plan, or review the draft of a paper. Additional support is available through Student Affairs. We are committed to each student’s success.

  • KIN 500: Biophysical Foundations of Kinesiology
  • KIN 505: Statistical Analysis in Kinesiology

Prerequisite: College-level course in Statistics or consent of instructor.

  • KIN 510: Advanced Motor Control Lab
  • KIN 515: Advanced Biomechanics Lab
  • KIN 520: Advanced Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • KIN 525: Exercise Testing Methodology
  • KIN 530: Advanced Exercise Nutrition
  • KIN 535: Health Behavior and Exercise Adherence
  • KIN 540: Graduate Research Methodology and Design
  • KIN 599: Applied Project in Kinesiology



Option 1: GPA of at least 3.0 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work.
Option 2: GPA of 2.8 – 2.9 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work, plus an evaluation of the following: academic letter of recommendation or GMAT/GRE, writing sample, and interview with Department Chair.
Option 3: GPA of 2.5 – 2.7 from the most recent 60 credits of undergraduate work, plus an evaluation of the following: GMAT/GRE, writing sample, interview with Department Chair.
Option 4: A previous graduate or professional degree.

Upon acceptance, students may be required to fulfill the following prerequisites: Statistics, Human Anatomy and Human Physiology.