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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts and Humanities

Why History At USK?

In the History concentration, students learn that historical knowledge is central to self-understanding, cultural traditions, social memory, political discourse, and a humanities education. Exposing the widespread dearth of historical awareness in contemporary culture, students will consider Ancient, Medieval, and Modern historical periods and events such as Ancient Greece; Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic age; the Roman Republic; The Roman Empire; the Byzantine state; feudalism and the rise of the papacy in the west; the Crusades; the rise of national monarchies in the west; the political and religious crisis of the Reformation; World War I, Modernism; the Great Depression; the New Deal; World War II; the Cold War and the fall of Soviet Communism; and the onset of the digital age and the post 9-11 world.

These events will be studied through a variety of primary sources from such authors as Herodotus, Tacitus, Augustine, Hegel, Carlyle, Ranke, Marx, Dilthey, Spengler, Collingwood, Bloch, Webber and Braudel. History degrees often lead to careers in education, historical research, museology, or civil service as well as to graduate studies in a wide variety of disciplines.

Lauren studied both History and Literature, writing an interdisciplinary capstone project her senior year.

“The University of Saint Katherine is a tight-knit community. The faculty at USK are incredible people who strive to make their student’s lives better through academic challenges and thought-provoking discussions. The teachers, coaches, and staff are not simply working to help students earn credits and a degree, they also work to help them find value and pride in their work, their sport, and their lives. “

— Lauren Erickson | Class of 2022 Valedictorian | Lousiana-Monroe Graduate Student