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English Language and Literature

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts and Humanities

Why English Language and Literature At USK?

In the English Language and Literature concentration, students pursue transformative wisdom through discussing and writing about great works of literature. The life-giving disciplines and habits of mind gained through literary study promote clarity of thought and excellence in the verbal arts of writing and speaking. Literature also represents the most expansive synthesis of thought and imagination, and through the study of such authors as Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, John Milton, Jane Austen, Emily Dickinson, and T. S. Eliot, students are invited to an enlarged vision of God, themselves, their neighbors, and creation. Because English students become very strong readers and writers, degrees can lead to careers in education, writing, technical writing, editing, content creation and editing, human resources, public relations, and grant writing. English students are also well-positioned to pursue graduate studies in a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine and law.

“USK’s greatest strength is the amount of time and resources the institution pours into each individual student; I received a personalized education at a much lower cost than most private universities, and developed lifelong, meaningful relationships with many professors and faculty members as they prepared me to enter the workforce.” 

Cassie made the most of her college years, studying English Literature, playing softball, and serving on Student Senate — and stayed an extra year for a Master’s in Organizational Leadership.

— Cassia Ruiz | Class of 2020 (BA), Class of 2021 (MAOL) | Female Firebird of the Year, ODK Honor Society