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Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Arts and Humanities

Why Art At USK?

In the Art concentration, students are immersed in the active production and historical study of art. They will learn both the practice of making artworks and the appreciation of art through a two-course historical survey. Students are exposed to a broad swath of Western and Non-Western styles and techniques and thus develop strong visual literacy and a strong Iconographic knowledge of art. The three practical courses teach students two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and photography. In addition to becoming professional artists, Students who graduate with Art degrees can consider careers in fields such as graphic design, art education, art therapy, photography, museum curation, and interior design.

Michael studied studio art, which at the time of his attendance was a concentration that didn’t yet exist and was created for him. What he enjoyed most about USK was the small class size because it “forces you to confront the course work in a deeper way.” His senior year he did his thesis on inflatable architecture, a meaningful experience that has shaped his occupational interests.

— Michael Antonopoulos | Class of 2016 Valedictorian | Registered Architect | Adjunct Professor for New School of Architecture and Design