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Bachelor of Science (BS)

The Department of Kinesiology is dedicated to the development of future leaders in the areas of exercise, wellness, applied Kinesiology, technology and research.  The curriculum, leading to a bachelor of science degree (B.S.), focuses upon the study of human performance within a bio-psycho-physiological context. Included within these core elements are the aspects of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, psychology, biology, biomechanics, sociology, and nutrition. Two concentrations are offered: Health Science and Exercise Science & Athletic Performance. 



Students specializing in the various fields of Kinesiology are prominent in the areas of athletic program development, team/program athletic performance (development and enhancement), personal physical training, health and fitness, physical rehabilitation, teaching, and as consultants to business, industry, and manufacturers of sport training and rehabilitative equipment, as well as recovery and performance enhancement nutritional products. The undergraduate degree in either of the two educational paths provided will offer an excellent source of preparation for pursuit of an advanced degree that will lead to diverse career opportunities in medicine and physical/occupational therapy, performance enhancement occupations, teaching and coaching vocations, as well as in the growing industry areas of biotechnology, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and metabolic health improvement and therapy, research science, and education.